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4th plenary meeting in Greece

The 11 partners of HR-Recycler will be visiting Athens, Greece for their 4th plenary meeting. Having previously visited Interecycling - Sociedade de Reciclagem, S.A., the HR-Recycler partner will now travel…
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HR-Recycler work of CERTH/ITI at the IEEE 2019 Smart World Congress

A scientific paper about the general concept and the system architecture of the HR-Recycler project presented at the 2019 IEEE Smart World Congress that held at Leicester of UK on…

HR-Recycler participation in “Industrial Human Robot Collaboration” projects cluster

HR-Recycler participated in a Workshop on the Cluster of “Industrial Human Robot Collaboration” projects that took place in Brussels, on 1st July 2019. The workshop was organized by the European…
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3rd plenary meeting in Spain

The 11 partners of HR-Recycler met in Barcelona, Spain for their 3rd plenary meeting. The HR-Recycler partners were hosted in Barcelona, Spain by partner Institute for BioEngineering of Catalonia (IBEC)…
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