Working side by side with robots.

Human factors in industrial settings

Friday, June 18,  2021    10:30 – 15:30 (CEST)  ONLINE

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The increased integration of autonomous robots in industrial settings requires not only that industrial robots display more “human-like” behaviors for efficient human-robot collaboration (HRC) but also regulations for safety and ethical viewpoint in the working environment. On the one hand, we need to build robots that can act autonomously in a given and sometimes unpredictable environment. On the other hand, we want the same robots to cooperate with humans to reach a common goal in a safe environment. In this workshop, we want to address some of the issues that are relevant for HRC in industrial settings, including its “human factors” such as lack of trust and adaptability to autonomous machines in collaborative tasks, accountability (legal rights and obligations), and especially the sentiment that robots are “stealing jobs.” Whereas some hope that in this HRC endeavor (supposed to boost industrial and economic growth) humans will have a supervisory role, thus decreasing their physical and cognitive efforts, some others are concerned that autonomous robots will have a negative impact on our economic growth and pose a negative challenge for our culture. In this context, this workshop aims to explore Human-Robot Collaboration HRC in the working environment focusing on the analyses of the different aspects of HRC that impact its integration with the human worker in the industry sector.

Workshop Schedule and Talks


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HR-Recycler organizers

Anna Mura IBEC, Sara Sillaurren TECNALIA, Apostolos Axenopoulos CERTH, Alex Papadimitriou CERTH


Working side by side with robots.

Human factors in industrial settings



Trust and acceptance in HRC

10:40 Paul Verschure
ICREA IBEC, Barcelona, ES
Empathy in humanoid robots.
11:00 Ismael FT. Freire
IBEC, Barcelona, ES
Towards Morally-driven Human-Robot Collaboration. The HR-Recycler case.
11:20 Monica Malvezzi

University of Siena, IT

Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society: the role of education.
Coffee break 11:40-12:00



HRC mutual adaptation in industrial settings



Valeria Villani
University of Modena, IT
The INCLUSIVE System: A General Framework for Adaptive Industrial Automation.


Fotis Dimeas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
New advances in human-robot collaboration for assembly applications.

Néstor García
Eurecat, Barcelona, ES

Cognitive Robotics and AI for an effective industrial HRI: the Sharework case.
13:00 Daniel Camilleri

Cyberselves, UK


Programming your Robot in more Human Terms.




Karagiannis Panagiotis

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS)

University of Patras, GR



Human-Robot Collaborative cell: Key methods and technologies.

Lunch break 13:40-14:10

Ethics and Law in HRC



Matthias Pocs

Security Technology Law Research, DE

Legal method to standardize technology design, the Rehyb case.
14:30 Nikolaos Ioannidis

Vrije University Brussels. BE

Ethics for Robots in industrial settings the HR-Recycler case
Discussion 14:50-15:30 END

Twitter: @hr-recycler

 Anna Mura, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Barcelona. ES

Sara Sillaurren, TECNALIA, Research and Technological Development Centre, ES